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None Forrest Woodworker Ii Table Saw Blade
No. 1 Top Seller at the Woodsmith Store! The Forrest Woodworker II saw blade leaves a super-smooth edge that doesn't need sanded or planed before gluing. You can also crosscut oak & birch plywood with no bottom splinter. C-4 carbide teeth are 40 percent stronger than most conventional saw blades, and stay sharp three times longer.
None Freud 10'' Glue Line Rip Blade Lm74r
Glue up boards straight off the table saw! Traditional rip blades are made to do one task — cut boards quickly. But the price you pay for speed is a coarse edge that needs jointing or sanding to remove blade marks. A Glue Line rip blade solves the problem by slightly bumping up the number of teeth per blade (from 24 to 30) and changing the shape of those teeth for better cutting action.
None Freud 8" Super Dado
Chip free anti-kickback design. Precision shim set included.
None Freud Industrial Heavy Duty Rip Saw Blade
Model #LM72M010 10″ by 24 tooth Flat Top 5⁄8 - Inch arbor Ice Coated. This industrial heavy duty rip blade gives smooth, fast rips in hardwoods and softwoods. The combination of a rigid blade body and razor sharp flat top carbide teeth will provide a glue line like precision cut.
None Freud Ripping Blade
Model #LU87R010 10″ 24-tooth thin kerf ripping saw blade. Hi-Density Carbide with Titanium for more durability. Thin kerf allows for faster feed rate and less power. Slots reduce blade vibration for longer blade life.
None Freud Sd208 Super Dado 8-Inch Stack Dado
Features Freud's Hi-Density Carbide with Titanium for long life and a flawless finish. The negative hook angles make flat bottom grooves and virtually splinter-free cuts. Slot widths from 1/4-inch to 13/16-inch in 1/16-inch increments. Set includes two outer blades and five two wing chippers ( 4- 1/8" & 1- 1/16" ). Includes shim set for micro adjustments.
None Freud Thin Kerf Sliding Miter Saw Blade
Model #LU91M010, 10" x 60T x 5⁄8", -5 degree hook. Provides a fine finish cut for sliding miter saws and radial arm saws. Thin kerf blade requires less horse power to produce good results.
None Grr-Ripper Push Block
For safe and accurate rip cuts, complete control of the workpiece is a must. And that’s just what the GRR-Ripper system push block is designed to provide.
None Incra 1000se Miter Gauge
The Miter 1000SE (special edition) builds on the excellent foundation provided by the Miter 1000. The Incra exclusive AngleLOCK Indexing System delivers 41 lock solid angle stops in 5° increments over a full 180° range. Combine this with the included GlideLOCK Miter Bar, Telescoping IncraLOCK Cut-off Fence and the Incra Flip Shop Stop, and you'll easily achieve mitering accuracy that you never thought possible.
None Oshlun Dado Set Model Sds-0842
Model SDS-0842, 16 piece stack dado sets are perfect for woodworker’s who want a premium cut at an affordable price. The high tooth count saws and chippers produce smooth bottom dado cuts ranging from 1/4-inch to 29/32-inch. The precision ground C-4 micro grain tungsten carbide tips stay sharp longer and cut through all types of hardwood, softwood and plywood with the greatest of ease. Full body chippers make for an easier setup and less vibration when compared to other sets that feature wing style chippers.
None Push Stick
Control your work safely.
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