ShopSpecs Bifocal Safety Glasses

shop glasses by WizardBifocal Safety Glasses For The Woodshop!
At last...what every woodworker has been waiting for! ShopSpecs are the perfect solution for anyone who needs bifocal lenses while working in the shop.

ShopSpecs are the first reading safety glass with dual curvature mono-lens and integrated side shields. The lightweight design provides both comfort and superior safety against injury. ANSI Z87 compliant.
ShopSpecs are available in four different prescription lenses listed below. Check with your optometrist to find out what specifications you need. You may wish to print this page to take to your optometrist.

+1.5 Diopters Bifocal Safety Glasses
+2.0 Diopters Bifocal Safety Glasses
+2.5 Diopters Bifocal Safety Glasses
+3.0 Diopters Bifocal Safety Glasses

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