Router Bits for Router Table Joinery
A router table can be a handy tool for cutting simple dadoes, rabbets, and grooves. But what about more complicated joinery? Here are three unique router bits that do it all.

These are fairly large bits, so you’ll need a router with a 1/2" collet and enough horsepower to handle them. Also, we suggest a variable speed motor for best results.

Box Joint Router BitBox Joint Router BitBox Joint Bit Amana Tool Router Bits
Perfect for small drawers and boxes. Unique router bit from Amana Tool cuts perfect box joints in one pass! Works with material up to 1/2" thick and from 3/4" to 1-1/2" in height.
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Finger Joint Router BitFinger Joint Router Bit Adjustable Finger Joint Bit Amana Tool Router Bits
Make end-to-end joints that hold! Interlocking fingers form a surprisingly-strong bond. Removable cutters and shims make the bit easily adjustable to fit a variety of stock thickness.
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TRS-260 3 Pc Raised Panel Door Making SetTRS-260 3 Pc Raised Panel Door Making Set Raised Panel Router Bit Set Amana Tool Router Bits
3 piece Ogee style door router bit set for making 3/4" thick stile and rail cuts with raised panels. Designed for raised panels on cabinet doors, frame and panel furniture and architectural paneling.
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