Shop Accessories

Japanese saw

Dozuki Japanese Saw
Leaves a glass-smooth finish on all hardwoods! Gyokucho Dozuki saws are among the finest cutting blades made.

Japanese saw

Ryoba Japanese Saw
Perfect for hard-to-reach cuts! Adjustable, double-edged blade can be tilted left or right for cutting in awkward locations.

combination square

Starrett 12" Combination Square
Combination 12" square features reversible lock bolt, scriber, and high-quality spirit level. Cast iron head with black wrinkle finish.

Scraper Sharpening Jig w/Scraper

Scraper Sharpening Jig
Fool-proof method for getting a consistent, razor-sharp edges using only a few simple tools. The secret is in the jig!

Bahco Card Scraper Bahco Card Scraper
Favorite among woodworkers! The flexible, tempered steel takes an extra fine burr and holds it longer than other scrapers.
Bahco Card Scraper

Veritas® Tri-Burnisher
Versatile burnishing tool creates a perfect hook on scrapers of all shapes, including round, triangular, or oval shaped scrapers.

Kreg Bandsaw Fence Kreg Precision Band Saw Fence
Reach a new level of accuracy with your band saw! Unprecedented rigidity, adjustability, and precision.
Feather-Loc Featherboards Feather-Loc Featherboards
Ripping stock to accurate width requires a little more push than your two hands can provide. A featherboard solves the problem.
GRR-Ripper System Push Block GRR-Ripper System Push Block
Safe and accurate rip cuts require complete control of the workpiece. Non-slip pads firmly grab just about any surface — rough or smooth.
doweling jigs from woodsmith store Doweling Jigs
Have you ever tried to center a hole with a hand drill? Make it easy with these must-have jigs for drilling centered, straight holes.
incra marking rules from woodsmith store Incra Marking Rules
Quickly locate and mark small, critical measurements with certainty—and without eye strain! Use a scribe or sharp pencil.
Turning Pens on the Lathe - Parts & Accessories
Pen mandrels, barrel trimmer, and stabilized corn cob pen blanks for making pens on a lathe.
Bifocal safety glasses for the shop
The perfect solution for woodworkers who need bifocal lenses while working in the shop.

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