Incra Marking Rules   6"—12"—18" lengths
Quickly locate and mark small, critical measurements with certainty—and without eye strain! These unique measuring tools from Incra feature guide holes cut at every 1/16" and 1/32" position—producing extremely accurate marks using a sharp pencil point or scribe.
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Incra Marking Sets   6"—12" lengths
Get a complete Incra marking set that includes one each of the marking rules listed below. The Incra marking set is available in 6" or 12" rule lengths. See photo

(1) Incra Marking Rule
High-quality stainless steel rules features Incra's unique guide-hole system for making extremely accurate marks with a sharp pencil or scribe.
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(1) Incra Bend Rule (available in set only)
Perfect for measurements along the edge of a board. The 90° angle fits snugly in place while you mark and measure both sides of a corner.
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(1) Incra T-Rule (available in set only)
Incra's most advanced T-rule features holes cut every 1/100th inch and 1/4 millimeter to create the most accurate measuring tool you can find.
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6" Incra Marking Rule

12" Incra Marking Rule

18" Incra Marking Rule

Incra Marking Set (6" Rules)

Incra Marking Set (12" Rules)

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