Doweling Jigs
Dowel joinery can be one of the quickest and simplest ways to join boards together. But if you’ve ever tried to make a straight, centered hole with a hand drill, you know how much of a challenge this job can be.

A doweling jig solves this problem by letting you drill a perfectly aligned dowel hole in a variety of wood pieces—including round stock and troublesome thin boards. What's more, a dowel jig is a handy for drilling just about any kind of hole you need—and for many projects, completely eliminates the need for a drill press.

Self-centering doweling jig (from Task woodworking tools) clamps onto your workpiece and automatically centers guide holes or bushings across the thickness of a board. Accommodates four drill bit sizes: 1/4"—5/16"—3/8"—7/16".

Adjustable doweling jig (from General woodworking tools) lets you decide where the guide holes or bushings will be positioned across the thickness of the workpiece. Just lift and turn the turret to lock in your guide hole. Fits workpieces up to 4" in width.
The revolving turret accommodates six drill bit sizes: 3/16"—1/4"—5/16"—3/8"—7/16"—1/2"  
doweling jigs woodworking tools
Self-Centering Doweling Jig

doweling jigs woodworking tools
Adjustable Doweling Jig

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