Micro Jig GRR-Ripper System Push Block
For safe and accurate rip cuts, complete control of the workpiece is a must. And that’s just what the GRR-Ripper system push block is designed to provide. But there’s a lot more here.

When you give it a look, the term push block just doesn’t seem to do justice to the GRR-Ripper system. This accessory is so handy that I can’t begin to explain all of its uses and different configurations. The photos below show just a few, and the detailed manual describes many more.

Why does it works so well? First and foremost are the non-slip pads that cover the bottom of the GRR-Ripper. These grooved pads will grab firmly on just about any surface — rough or smooth. The adjustable pads are used to create a tunnel through which the saw blade can pass. This allows you to put plenty of pressure on both sides of the blade and the workpiece during rip cuts. This added control results in a much safer, more accurate cut.

But there’s more to the GRR-Ripper than just simple rip cuts. The basic parts can be adjusted in every imaginable way and also combined with a couple extra attachments for special cuts. The balance support, shown above, can be added to provide more control during resawing operations. And a stabilizing plate gives you help with narrow pieces. All in all, I think you’ll find that the GRR-Ripper is one versatile tool.

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GRR-Ripper Push Block

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